Novacroft is an award-winning smart technology, software solution and customer care team

Novacroft provides an end-to-end service including online application processing, data management, smartcard production and personalisation and customer support via our contact centre.

We work side-by-side with clients to get to the root of challenges, simplify complex processes, help them get more for less and deliver excellent customer service. 

In the transport sector and for local authorities, our innovative technologies and programmes are making travel easier and cheaper for passengers, whilst creating efficiency and reducing risk of fraud or loss of income for the organisation.

For charities, we reduce administration costs, enabling them to direct more pence in every £1 to the cause they’re fighting for. Our unique approach to a clean, lean, modern and secure membership journey enables charities to continue to build trust with the public, members and volunteers. We help them to transparently demonstrate their impact, whilst ensuring that they are ready for a future where the human transaction will be more important than ever.

Founded in 1998 by Debra Charles, CEO, the Novacroft team proudly celebrated twenty years of making a difference in 2018.

What have we achieved in twenty years?

Some examples of the impact we have made: