About the #CharityForum

Founded in early 2019, #CharityForum is a group of diverse minds from across the charity and private sector, collaborating to ensure charities are fit for 2030 and the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We shine a light on a future that is uncertain, understanding that there has never been a more important time for the charity sector to be our source of strength, to ensure humanity thrives.

The #CharityForum gang

Spearheaded by Debra Charles, Founder and CEO Novacroft, as part of a mission to ensure the charity and third sector is future-fit, the #CharityForum gang of game-changing individuals includes:

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Together, our aim is to give clarity to what the future might look like and to enable individuals and organisations within the sector to be fit to thrive. We achieve this through creative thinking, collaboration and sharing best practice.

A force for good

The gang has collaborated on and created the following outputs to date:

  • ‘Fit for Today, Thrive Tomorrow’, an insights report to inform the sector

  • Over 400 opportunities identified for the growth and sustainability of the charity sector

  • An action plan to bring the above opportunities to life, to start making a tangible difference

We’re creating the energy, the catalyst, the truly meaningful action that is helping everybody navigate the next decade. With one voice, we’re making a difference.

What’s next? Dates and topics for the 2020 #CharityForum series

*PLEASE NOTE: Our events are now postponed until 2021*

#CharityForum 3 date, topic and venue info.

*PLEASE NOTE: Our events are now postponed until 2021*

The story so far…

Read our #CharityForum insights report: Fit for today, thrive tomorrow.

#CharityForum insights report front cover

What will the charity sector look like in 2030?


What are the barriers facing charities?

What action must we take now to ensure humanity thrives tomorrow?

Our #CharityForum insights report focusses on perspectives of the future and the actions required to get there, following sector collaboration during #CharityForum sessions.

Read this report for an insight into the relevance of the third sector and to find out how, by collaborating, passionate people can have a genuine impact.

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What do our guests think of #CharityForum events?

Completely mind broadening. Shared experiences, different views and opinions, energy!


Practical examples of what other people have done in their organisation in order to implement change and innovation have been really useful.


Great conversations and insights. A feeling of honest and open collaboration. Inspired!