My career at Novacroft

We are really well looked after at Novacroft. The thing I like most is that we are encouraged to put forward our ideas and they are then considered in the decision making process


What was it like joining Novacroft?
I’m originally from New Zealand and joined Novacroft as a temporary accounts assistant after moving to Northampton at short notice from France with my fianc√©, who’s a professional rugby player. The people at Novacroft were so welcoming that I felt settled very quickly.

How has your career progressed?
I’ve been able to use my commerce degree and build my career here. Within a couple of months, the Team Leader role came up and I went for it. It was a big learning curve but I’ve had tremendous support from the company’s accountants as well as David, the MD, and Debra, the CEO. I’m now part of the management team and get to see the business as a whole which is really interesting. I’ve also been on team building and leadership courses which have enabled me to stretch myself and the job and collaborate more with other teams and play a part in the wider company.

What keeps you at Novacroft?
I love management accounting more than the tax accounting I was doing before. At Novacroft there’s a busy mix of regular reporting tasks as well as opportunities to initiate improvement projects. I have great workmates and we get together socially and for charity events. We put up a strong team recently for a very muddy 10km obstacle race – the company even organised bootcamp sessions to help us get fit for it! Everyone is very caring. One Christmas I was encouraged to leave work earlier than planned to return to New Zealand when my mother had to go into hospital. Then there was the time Debra was so impressed with what the management team was doing that she invited us to order our own bespoke Nike trainers, on her. I’ve never before worked for a company that would do something like that – it’s very motivating.

What’s next for you at Novacroft?
I can see there there’s definitely room for me to grow here and Novacroft is very willing to help people with their development. I want to continue my studies to become a Chartered Management Accountant. I know Novacroft will support and encourage me in doing this.