Tracey Cunnington - Marketing Assistant

Today, Novacroft CEO and Founder Debra Charles is joining the CIPD Northamptonshire as a speaker at their 2019 Annual Conference in Northampton, which is asking, ‘What is Good Work?’

The focus of the conference follows the recently published government report ‘Good work: the Taylor review of modern working practices’.

Debra strongly believes in leading with kindness in a digital age. As the 4th industrial revolution emerges, as the lines between physical, digital and biological blur, new career opportunities will evolve and many sectors and jobs will become extinct. UK productivity is set to increase through the deployment of robotics. To thrive, people will need to be highly adaptable and we will need to embrace transformational change. With significantly more and more people without a career, job or purpose, Debra will talk about how we can act now to avoid the perils facing our society over the next two decades. After all, it is kindness and the human transaction that differentiates us from the robots and artificial intelligence of tomorrow.

Follow the conference: #CIPDNN19