Ucando-it designs and implements smartcard-based social action reward and recognition programmes

We’re revolutionising the way the public sector, businesses and charities engage, support and inspire the people and communities they serve. Through Ucando-it programmes tailored to achieve specific objectives and measurable outputs. Pioneering programmes that reward active citizens, deliver cost efficiencies, create sustainable growth and support positive community action.

Why wellbeing matters to society

What Novacroft has done extremely well with Ucando-it is harness technology to drive social good and encourage social action – it encapsulates everything we try to promote

Business in the Community

With the effects of spending cuts still being felt by communities, Ucando-it has a role to play in helping the public sector get more for less, saving money while also improving services

Debra Charles, Novacroft founder and CEO

  • To measurably help organisations, cities and regions rise to their challenges
  • To improve citizens’ self worth and wellbeing
  • To impact health inequality
  • To generate valuable data
  • To increase retailer footfall through responsible business
  • To increase use of public transport
  • To contribute to growth of UK GDP
  • To build stronger communities.

Ucando-it programmes can be tailored to address national and local priorities and problems as well as the unique challenges of individual organisations, by encouraging and rewarding certain behaviours and activities among target groups of people, from cycling and walking to volunteering and learning and recycling and using public transport.

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The driving force behind each Ucan-do-it programme is a group of organisations representing


Programme partners join forces to make a positive difference to society and to their own communities and organisations by talking about the issues they face, homing in on how Ucando-it can help and designing a programme that takes aim at their top targets.

  • Health inequality
  • School absenteeism
  • Volunteering into employment
  • Customer acquisition
  • Community action
  • Service cost efficiency
  • Public transport use
  • Profitability
  • Membership growth
  • Readiness to learn
  • Brand loyalty
  • Congestion
  • Service access inequality
  • Carbon emissions
  • Skills development

The possibilities are endless ….

We’re currently talking about tailoring programmes for very different kinds of clients, from membership organisations to multinationals and national governments. And we’ve been delighted to discover that Ucando-it can be applied to even more diverse challenges than we had ever imagined, from creating talent pipelines to encouraging youngsters into higher education to motivating volunteers.

  • Bring together a group of programme partners
  • Establish the issues you want to impact
  • Pin down your programme’s objectives and outputs
  • Decide who the programme is aimed at
  • Agree the activities that will inspire involvement
  • Identify the rewards that will motivate people most
  • Achieve data outputs and measurable impact.

Every programme’s outputs are clearly defined and easily measured thanks to the wealth of meaningful, evidential data generated.

Here’s how a participant in a progamme designed to increase self-esteem and wellbeing among young people struggling to get into work might experience Ucan-do-it

  • Registers online and receives a welcome pack, smartcard and loading device
  • Is motivated to become more active, volunteer and get around on public transport
  • Enjoys tracking what they’ve done and earned using the Ucando-it mobile app
  • Selects their rewards by logging onto the Ucando-it website and loading them onto their smartcard
  • Uses their rewards in lots of different shops and for lots of different journeys
  • Feels more energetic and positive – and that their added confidence will help them get a job.

Participants have a single smartcard that can become everything from a loyalty and travel card to an access, payment and discount card. Having their own remote loading device puts them in control, enabling them to load multiple rewards and train tickets onto the same card in the comfort of their home.

Here are just a few of the benefits of being a Ucan-do-it partner

Public services

  • Rise to resource and service challenges
  • Encourage greater use of public transport
  • Evidence social, economic and environmental impacts of strategic actions
  • Gauge local views in a cost-effective way
  • Positively and measurably impact health


Retailers and brands

  • Open the door to vast numbers of new customers
  • Increase footfall, loyalty and profitable growth
  • Gain fingertip access to intelligent data on consumer behaviour
  • Demonstrate the impact of CSR activity
  • Contribute as a responsible business to health, education and environmental goals


Charities and volunteer organisations

  • Reduce the resources needed for administration and communication
  • Provide added value features for members and supporters
  • Engage new audiences to grow funds and volunteers
  • Gain access to data on citizen behaviour and catalysts for social action
  • Increase uptake of volunteering opportunities

Creating your own Ucando-it programme could be the right thing to do for your organisation and your community. Talk to us now and let’s look together at your challenges and how Ucando-it can help.

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